Le Mistral

Le Mistral


We stepped off the train into Provence and immediately started bundling up. The wind!

The mistral (pronounced mee-stral) occurs for several days at a time about a hundred days every year. Sunny as can be, and yet a steady 40, 50, even 100 mile-per-hour wind has you ducking into stone-walled taverns and cafes as if it were the dead of winter.

The wind is the main reason Provence is so sunny and clear—and why people say the light here is unlike anything you’ll see anywhere else. The mistral also makes for some of the most beautiful sounds. The rustling of tree leaves feels deafening at times, but in a refreshing, energetic sort of way.

“Le Mistral”—breezy and energetic like its namesake.

The Details

  • Medium: Acrylic painting on canvas with sides painted white

  • Size: 10 inches wide, 8 inches tall, 3/4 inch deep

  • Framing: Unframed, wired, and ready to hang

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The Collection

The Provence Collection is inspired by the rejuvenating warmth and energy I felt during my time in Provence, France. I hope these paintings add the same beauty and light to your home.

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