Provence Collection

“You know the peace that washes over you in very specific places? I felt it in Provence.”

I wrote these words on Instagram earlier this week as I was thinking about why I’m painting the southeastern French countryside.

My why is entirely about this feeling—the warm, rejuvenating, and refreshing energy of this light-filled region.

These paintings are about the lush valleys and rolling hills that extend for miles into blue and sunny sky.

They’re about the rejuvenating respite that comes from staying in an expansive farmhouse-turned-BnB—the feeling of clay tile floors beneath your feet, morning showers illuminated by skylights, evenings nestled in fluffy white beds, open windows with beautiful views and a soft breeze blowing through them.

These paintings are about savoring the small moments—fresh and homemade meals at local restaurants, sipping wine on terraces overlooking vineyards, spur-of-the-moment picnics and laughter with sweet friends.

I hope they fill your home with the light, energy, and warmth I felt during my time in Provence.

Preview the paintings (pictured from smallest to largest) and get release details below!

The Details

// The Provence Collection will be released on my website Tuesday, June 4 at noon CDT. Email subscribers get early access and first dibs at 10 am CDT. Get early access here.

// Sizes range from 4x4 inches to 36x48 inches; prices range from $40 to $850. Most paintings are less than $120. They make great additions to gallery walls or styled on small walls or bookcases!

// Paintings are a mix of landscapes, abstracts, works on canvas, and works on paper. Detailed information about each painting will be included in each listing.

// Minimalistic wooden floater frames will be available for paintings on canvas. Please allow 1-3 weeks of additional time for made-to-order framing.

Available Paintings

4x4” for $40 (1)

4x6” for $45 (1)

5x7” for $50 (2)

8x8” for $80 (3)

8x10” for $100 (2)

11x14” for $120 (1)

12x12” for $120 (1)

38x48” for $850 (1)

Questions about the collection or individual paintings? I’d love to hear from you! Email me at

Learn more about the inspiration behind the paintings here and here.